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Washington County has a new Garbage and Recycling Day calendar app.  Follow the link and give it a try:  Washington County Collection Calendar App 

Awesome app! 

How can you not love an app that reminds you of one of the many chores you need to do weekly. I used to call our local company at least once a month because I couldn't remember if it was yard debris or recycling pick up week. now I get a reminder on my phone. So easy to use.

Love it! 

I was always asking my husband what was supposed to go out each week, or looking it up online, but now, with this app, I get notifications the night before I have to put out the containers with all the info I need! So handy!!! Love it!

Great Resource 

I was not sure how helpful this app would be when I first got it. It has been a great quick reminder of what needs to go out each week. It is was really easy to setup, too. I highly recommend this app!