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Swatco has several sizes of Mini-Boxes or Occasional Container:
1 1/2 cy Mini Box (equivalent volume to about 9 regular size garbage cans.)
2 cy Mini Box (equivalent volume to about 13 regular size garbage cans.)
4 cy Mini Box (equivalent volume to about 26 regular size garbage cans.)
Rates charged per use:
1 1/2 cy Mini Box $69.51 plus $2.69/mile (In City Limits $85.50 flat)                                                                                                                                                                                                         4 Yard Mini Box
2 cy       Mini Box $75.39 plus $2.69/mile (In City Limits $90.95 flat)
4 cy       Mini Box $98.89 plus $2.69/mile (In City Limits $112.65 flat)
Mileage fee is charged from point of collection to disposal site.
Customer may keep the Mini Box for one week, or Demurrage is $3.23 after 2 business days.
In the City of Banks Mini Boxes can be delivered/collected Monday through Friday (excluding                    
Federal Holidays)
                                                                                                                                                            2 Yard Mini Box 
Other locations will be Serviced as follows:
Tuesday: Buxton and Manning
Wednesday: Dixie Mountain, Mason Hill, Logie Trail
Thursday: Gales Creek
Friday: Verboort and Roy
Prohibited Items: Asbestos and Asbestos containing materials (DEQ list of suspected Asbestos containing materials), Human or Animal Waste, Paints, Thinners, Wood Stains, Solvents, Caustics, Ammunition, Explosives, Batteries, Pesticides, any other toxic or hazardous substance (containers or contents), TV's, monitors, and computers. No dirt, concrete or other heavy material. All material must stay below the closed lids. No oversize objects should be crammed into the box. Tires and appliances are extra and should be placed next to the Mini Box.  As of January 1st, 2010, it is illegal to dispose of TV's, monitors, computers in a landfill.  Call 503-234-3000 for the nearest FREE electronics recycling center. For Asbestos assistance email or call DEQ at 503-229-5982

Mini box must not be moved. If the box is moved and the truck cannot empty or remove it when we return, then you will be required to replace it in its original location and pay a drive back fee. Make sure nothing blocks our access to the box (parked cars etc.). Damage from misuse of the Box is the customers responsibility.

When you need the box emptied call 503-324-0230 and be sure and specify whether you want the box emptied and returned or just removed. You may leave a message on our machine 24 hours a day, we will return your call as soon as we are able.