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Rural Every Other Week Roll Cart Recycling introduced 
                                     Fall of 2013

In the Fall of 2013 all our Rural Residential customers received a Roll Cart for Recycling and their Recycling pickup service was increased from once a month to every other week.

Some common questions we are receiving:

I have a long driveway and the pickup location is just too far:  
Washington County was one of the last Rural areas in the Willamette Valley to go to Roll Cart recycling.  The long driveway/pickup location is a common problem in all rural areas, so common in fact that an industry has grown up around rural people moving their carts (for instance  Other options include leaving the cart near your pickup location and using your old red bin to ferry the recycling to it on your normal trips to and from your house. 

I think I like my red bins better:
Open Top Red Bins for the collection of mixed recycling are old outdated technology. They were developed when all the recycling had to be separated by type by the customer then put in separate bags by the customer, then each bag was individually looked into and dumped by the Driver into separate containers on his truck based on the material in the bag.  Now all recycling types except glass are mixed and the cart is mechanically dumped into one container on the truck.  It is now much more important to keep the recycling dry (especially paper products, wet paper breaks down and deteriorates before it can reach the pulp recycling plants).  Red bins also cannot be picked up by our semi or fully automated equipment like the roll carts.

What goes in the Recycling Roll Cart?
Use the new cart to collect and set out paper, cardboard, metal, plastic bottles and tubs--the same materials you used to recycle in the red bins.  Keep the red recycling bin to collect and set out your glass bottles and jars.  See the residential recycling tab on the left for more information on what goes in the roll cart or click Residential Recycling .  Please NO PLASTIC BAGS, STYROFOAM, TOYS, GLASS, OR PLASTIC PACKAGING INCLUDING FILMS, FOOD TRAYS AND CLAMSHELL TRAYS in the new Recycle Roll Carts.