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Swatco Sanitary Service, Inc

Residential, Commercial, Drop Box and Recycling Services since 1978

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Swatco has been providing garbage and recycling service to Western Washington County Since 1978.  Washington County Board of Commisioners  has issued Sanitary Service Certificate No. 2006-352 authorizing Swatco to provide Sanitary Service per Washington County Ordinance  No. 59.
The City of Banks authorizes Swatco with Exclusive Franchise for Solid Waste Management with Ordinance  No. 2007-11-02

Company History
Swatco Sanitary Service was founded in 1978 by Mr. Salvi, Weitzel and Trout (Salvi, Weitzel and Trout Co or SWaTco).  In early 2006 Dick Weitzel's son, Rich Weitzel, purchased the company from the 3 founding owners. 
Rich is a fourth generation Weitzel operating a garbage and recycling hauling service in Oregon.  Rich's great grandfather begin hauling garbage in the Ladd's addition area of SE Portland in 1912.   Weitzel's Garbage service in the same Ladd's addition area of Portand is operated by Rich's brother Steve.